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When Lines Mountainbike Magazine calls, you answer – because you know it will be good.


The job of the weekend was to shoot the new trails by Trailtech at the Reiteralm Trails near big brother Schladming and in parallel shoot some scenes for the infamous Bikeschool Pekoll. The homebase for this mission was a snug house on the opposite side of the valley from the bike school itself, where I was welcomed by coaches and also the head of the snake, man-legend Christoph “Chrisu” Eder – former Four Cross racer and someone who certainly knows how to ride a bike. In the evening I was briefed for the next day alongside ice-cold beers and spectacular mountainbike stories including breaking bones, wildest riding destinations and scene gossip – next day, wake-up call 5:00 a.m. and up we go 4x4.

The first task was to catch some dreamy blue line berms in the morning light with spectacular views of the Dachstein. Next on we hit some more technical lines and after that did some coaching scenarios for the bike school. For that, the main characters were two boys no older than 10, whom we had to hold back, as they were charging this hard! It was a mixture between being impressed by their skills and simultaneously scared for their safety. Anyways, after a pack of Haribos and some beautiful shots of coach and kids interactions everybody was happy… and tired.

Nontheless, the highlight of the day was still pending: the new jumptrail by Trailtech! At first, I tried to convince my (now only grown-up – as these jumps are not for beginners) models to do at least two rounds. Few hours later, they still wouldn’t stop lapping due to “this being the best trail they have ridden all year”. Which is quite impressive, considering riding their bike all year is their job…

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